Samantha Berg

Samantha Berg is a journalist and feminist. Originally a reproductive rights activist, in 2002 she turned her attentions to ending the demand for prostitution. Since then, Sam has frequently spoken out about the sex industry and her articles on the subject have been published in print and online.

Before Facebook and Twitter, anti-prostitution activists needed an online space to coordinate actions. In response, Sam created the forum community where around 200 people actively contributed to one of the earliest radical feminist communities on the internet.

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Prostitution FAQ

In 2005, I endeavored to write the best prostitution FAQ on the web and it still is.

prostitution faq

Radio Interview

“Interview with Samantha Berg: A Primer on Abolitionist Feminism” with Ernesto Aguilar for Pacifica Radio, originally aired on Houston, Texas channel 90.1 FM KPFT, June 25, 2014