Presentations, Interviews, Media

“Gender Abolition Tour at Hollywood Library Portland, Oregon” statement on TikTok for Women’s Declaration International USA, November 2023

“Exposing the demand side of prostitution & its big money connection to porn” interview with Mickey Z. for Post-Woke podcast, June 2023

“Getting Real About Porn: Examining the Industry of Anti-Woman Propaganda” masterclass for Whose Body Is It? podcast, May 2023

“The Challenges of Organizing Women-only Events” interview with Isabella Malbin for Whose Body Is It? podcast, November 2022

Pornstitution: Confronting men’s demand for pornography and prostitution” presentation by Zoom for Greater Portland National Organization for Women in Portland, OR, February 2021

“A modern history of radfem event organizing” workshop for WoLF Fest 2019: Camp Radfem in Petrolia, CA, July 2019

“Challenging men’s demand for prostitution” presentation for Oregon Birth Keepers Retreat, Willamina, OR, August 2018

“Stories from a radical feminist organizer” presentation for WoLF Fest: Howl to Action in Crescent City, CA, July 2018

“Remembering, resisting, not complying: Advanced anti-prostitution actions” presentation for the Women in Media Conference in Chicago, IL, June 2018

“The Pornstitution Industries in 2018” educational presentation for North By West Foundation in Portland, OR, March 2018

“Pornstitution” presentation for Viceland Media documentary filming at The Future is Female event in Los Angeles, CA, September 2017

“Prostitution, Pornography, and Sex Trafficking” guest speaker for Women’s Liberation Radio News: Edition 18, October 2017

“Radical feminist direct action strategies” workshop for OreGaia Northwest Womyn’s Fest in Estacada, OR, August 2017

“Sam Berg & The Untameable Shrews: Global sister activists, local direct actions” workshop for WoLF Fest in Crescent City, CA, July 2017

“Creative activist strategies” presentation at Radfem Retreat: Whiptail Lizard Gathering, Truth or Consequences, NM, April 2017

“Radical feminist direct action strategies and techniques” workshop for WoLF Fest in Crescent City, CA, September 2016

“Words in the world of gender identity” presentation for Left Forum in New York City panel discussion, Deconstructing Gender Identity Under Male Supremacy, May 2016

Stomping Johns: The demand side of prostitution” interview with Mickey Z. for World Trust News, September 2015

“Pornstitution: The Debate” workshop for the 40th Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and Radfem Rhapsody conference in Hart, MI August 2015

“Pornstitution: Sexual capitalism in the 21st century and what you can do about it” presentation at Feminist Forward: A Celebration of Women, Bayside, CA September 2014

“Prostitution as human rights violation: Samantha Berg” interview for Pacifica Radio with Ernesto Aguilar, originally aired on Houston, TX channel 90.1 FM KPFT, August 2014

Interview with Samantha Berg: A primer on radical feminism” interview for Pacifica Radio with Ernesto Aguilar, originally aired on Houston, TX channel 90.1 FM KPFT, June 2014

“Radfems Resist: Epic Women” presentation for Radfems Respond 2014 conference, Portland, OR May 2014

“Active Resistance: Strategizing against sexual capitalism” workshop for Radfem Rise Up! 2013 conference, Toronto, Canada, July 2013

“Resistance through anarcha-radfem tactics” presentation for Fuse: A radical feminist analysis of violence against women in Melbourne, Australia via Skype, November 2012

“Pornstitution: Harms of the legal prostitution industries” panelist for Social Justice Feminism Responds to Coerced and Commoditized Sex at University of Cincinnati’s Social Justice Feminism Conference, Cincinnati, OH October 2012

“Tactics for anti-sex industry activism: an anarcha-radfeminist primer” keynote for RadFem Reboot 2012 conference, Portland, OR July 2012

“Manufactured Contempt: Pornography’s eroticized inequality” presenter at Oregon State University’s Interdisciplinary Conference on Sex Trafficking: Researching Vulnerable Populations, Eugene, OR February 2012

“Porn and its effects on sex trafficking”  guest speaker for nonprofit organization POLE Gems, Eugene, OR February 2012

“Sex, pornography, prostitution, trafficking & the sexualization of young girls” guest speaker on WBAI Radio New York show Equal Time for Freethought, November 2011

“Radical activist strategies: Zero risk through high risk acts of resistance and reclamation” session at the SCUM Conference in Perth, Western Australia, September 2011

“Anti-porn internet activism: a history” slide show and lecture for the 3nd Stop Porn Culture conference at Wheelock College, Boston, MA June 2011

“Anti-pornstitution activism on the internet” lecture for 2nd Stop Porn Culture conference at Wheelock College, Boston, MA June 2010

“Paying For It: Understanding the personal and societal vosts of prostitution” workshop for the 34th National Conference on Men and Masculinity at Portland State University, October 2009

“Is pornography harmful?” debate representative for the Council for Prostitution Alternatives at Pacific University’s Lunchbox series, Forest Grove, OR October 2009

“Pornstitution: Sexual capitalism in the 21st century” benefit lecture for Portland, OR bookstore In Other Words, February 2009

“Pornstitution: The harms brought home” human trafficking panelist at the University of Portland, November 2008

“Pornstitution: Sexual capitalism and the destruction of women” slide show for Beyond Patriarchy conference, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR May 2008

“Pornstitution: How the sex industry is a seamless web” speech at the Concordia College Lyceum on prostitution, Portland, OR October 2007

“A radical feminist perspective on prostitution” interview on The F Files program for radio station 88.7FM, WNHU West Haven, CT September 2007

“Pornstitution: Sexual capitalism’s new frontier” slide show for the Against Patriarchy conference at the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR May 2007

“Crashing Waves: Young feminists working against prostitution” lecture at the 4th annual Prostitution, Sex Work, and the Commercial Sex Industry conference at the University of Toledo, OH September 2006

“Prostitution as a human rights issue” guest co-host on Feminist Front Radio for Portland Indymedia Web Radio, January 2006

“Introduction to Pornstitution” seminars given to two classes each quarter at Clark College in Vancouver, WA, November 2005 through February 2008

Prostitution FAQ

In 2005, I endeavored to write the best prostitution FAQ on the web and it still is.

prostitution faq